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Selling your payments to a factoring company or an origination company or through a broker is a mature business, with sophisticated capital involved as net buyers of your payments. The good news is that there is no longer a need to allow for such huge expenses and profits to be deducted from the paltry lump sell your annuity onlinesum payments offered by factoring companies and origination companies. Fortunately, sellers can now go directly to a fund to get the best price for their settlement payments!

Page 3 Funding, LLC is a fund that purchases structured settlement payments directly from sellers. We do not have the expenses and costs that the factoring companies and origination companies do. We do not wage expensive marketing campaigns. We do not run a sales force or have large payroll and commissions to pay. Our expenses are very modest compared to the expenses borne by most factoring companies and origination companies that are passed on to you. As a result, we pay more, most every time to the seller, PERIOD! Now that makes GREAT SENSE!

Please bring us your offers and we will substantially beat most offers every time. We have a nationwide network of lawyers who will manage your case through the court process. Our experienced network of lawyers will file your papers promptly to secure the earliest possible hearing dates so you can get the funds you need as quickly as possible.

In additional, you can retain your own lawyer and can get real independent advice from the moment that you receive our offer through to the end of the legal process to transfer your payments. You are entitled to independent legal advice and guidance as well as the comfort of knowing that you are receiving the highest market purchase price available for your settlement payments. We will reimburse you for legal expenses and your lawyer will be completely independent, representing only your interests. You will know in advance the cost for your lawyer so that you can evaluate and confirm that you are receiving the best offer possible. These are no hidden expenses, charges, costs of business that will be charged to you. All of this will result in the best and highest purchase price being paid directly to you.

Never settle for less, you are entitled to much more!

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