Trust Your Settlement With Page 3 Funding

Stop! Don’t sell your annuity payment without checking out the offer at Page 3 Funding first! With an unbeatable offer from Page 3 Funding, your settlement money will go much further! Find out what’s going on at Page 3 Funding today by following them on... read more

Annuities Don’t Add Up For All Investors

Annuities can be a good way to ensure income for a select group of individuals, but for many, the benefits just don’t add up. Collect on your annuity today with Page 3 Funding! “With rare exceptions, annuities simply aren’t appropriate for younger people.... read more

HSBC Mortgage Settlement Reaches $470 Mil

HSBC bank has been taken to court over alleged violations of mortgages and foreclosure procedures, with the settlement finally coming in at $470 million for victims around the nation. “Authorities say HSBC routinely signed foreclosure-related documents outside... read more

Do You Need Your Lottery Payment Now?

Woo! The lottery number’s have finally come in and you are rich! But wait, how exactly should you go about collecting those big bucks? It can be a confusing task to decide how to be paid, or even what happens if you pass away before collecting the sum? The laws... read more
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