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Lottery Winnings & Payments

sell your lottery winningsSo you won a lottery and will be receiving your winnings over a defined period of time. There are generally two types of payment schedules for lottery winnings received from State Lottery Boards; guaranteed and life contingent payments. If a portion of your winnings are payable only if you are alive, i.e. life contingent payments, of some of your winnings may never be paid to you or your family.

What can you do when these payments do not meet your current cash flow needs, either now or in the future? Worst yet, what can your family do should you die and the life contingent portion of your payments is terminated?

You have the option to sell a portion of your payments for a single lump sum of cash today. It is important to understand the laws and regulations applying to the sale of your lottery payments. The applicable laws and regulations are those of the State who owns and administers the lottery you won, not necessarily your primary state of residence.

State lottery laws and regulations vary from State to State and we can assist you in determining what, if any payments you are eligible to sell. Although other companies purchasing lottery winnings offer similar consulting services, we encourage you to get an offer from us . . . we created Page 3 Funding to dramatically increase the value our clients receive vs. any competing offer! Remember, when comparing offers it is crucial to know what the “effective discount rate” is. We make sure all our offers fully disclose the discount rate so our clients can test the competition.

Shop around and challenge our competitors to offer you the same value – we don’t believe they will even be close. Get offers from them and then come to us and see how much we will gladly pay you!

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