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structured settlement buyersWe are direct investors of structured settlement payments, annuity payments, annuity contracts and lottery payments.  This means that we use our capital to purchase the payment streams from you and hold them in our portfolio of assets.

Almost any type of payments, including Guaranteed Structured Settlement Payments, Life Contingent Structured Settlement Payments, Lottery Payments, Whole Annuity contracts and other “nonconventional” payment streams we buy.

The laws and regulations vary from State to State that impact upon your ability to sell your payments.  Selling Structured Payments differ from selling lottery payments or Annuity contracts.  Our experienced team of lawyers throughout the United States will quickly determine what is permissible under the appropriate laws so that we can begin working with you to maximize your value and money received selling your payments directly to us vs. to the competition.

Michael ManleyMichael Manley brings an extensive experience in institutional capital markets.  He co-founded Grey Swan Partners with Mr. Brand, again, as a response to compelling opportunities to design and offer consumer centric financial product options.  Michael has always been inspired to define new pathways for capital to flow into distressed and egregious markets.

He co-founded Page 3 Funding to execute the same game plan in the structured settlement space.  In collaboration with other business partners, Kevin and Mike aim to substantially enhance the value proposition of consumers who need to sell any portion of their structured settlements

“Any time a mass market is subjected to sustained hyped and commercialism, knowing full well expensive marketing budgets are funded by egregious consumer level transactions, I also see a legitimate opportunity to offer a consumer centric product.”  (M. Manley)

Kevin BrandKevin Brand brings over 25 years of financial services experience, ranging from working for Fortune 100 companies to successful financial business start- ups.  Kevin co-founded a specialty finance company focused on under served segments of the institutional investment space.  He has successfully raised capital for companies in a variety of industries and with various levels of operating history.

Kevin co-founded Page 3 Funding to continue his pursuit of “game changing” business development opportunities.

“Any time I see a financial market, especially a retail market, dominated by large budget operators; I also see a legitimate opportunity to offer a consumer centric product.” (K. Brand)

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